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Deposits and Withdrawals procedure

The depositing procedure is extremely trouble-free at Royal6, you merely log in to the Member Center, in the “Deposit Platform.” Choose the correct deposit method, then fill out the required information and follow the prompts to step by step. If you’ve any doubts, refer to “How to Deposit” in the Help Center. The charge for deposit is entirely free of charge. Our Company does not charge any fees.

In case if you’re experiencing any difficulties using a bank card, it may be because you didn’t apply for the opening of Internet banking. So, you can log on to the bank page and press the “online personal self-help registration” to proceed. You can also go to the counter. For any other reason, you can contact your bank card on the bank’s national incorporated customer service telephone inquiries. Moreover, when you recharged online, your funds will be the primary to restore to your Royal6 account. Select the “indoor transfer and your funds will transfer to the live entertainment city account.

With us, your bank information, online payment, and security are the initial consideration of the bank. Bank 128-bit SSL encryption equipment and strict security management system is to ensure that clientele get complete security protection. Here are the rules on the Withdrawal process. Firstly, log in to the Member Center, pick the suitable withdrawal mode from the “Withdrawal” page, and fill in the withdrawal form. Secondly, casino malaysia presents a 7X24-hour cash withdrawal service for each member.

The deposit must fully bet, or it cannot apply for withdrawal and so the user needs to deposit. We serve a 7×24-hour round-the-clock ATM service. ICBC withdrawals will credit within 2 hours after completing the application. Other bank withdrawals will credit in 24 hours after finishing application and free of all managing charges. Is there a fee for withdrawals? It is entirely free of charge, and the Company will stand the relevant costs. You can file a withdrawal request if you want to cancel the withdrawal. It takes only about ten minutes.

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